I tell powerful stories, true to your heart, at a great price.

My name is Caleb Kohl. I am a full time videographer living in Denver, Colorado. 


What kind of story do you need to tell?

Caleb created a video of our adoption story for a Gala event with Adoption Dreams Come True, in Fort Collins. Because we had seen the impressive quality of his work we felt very much at ease with trusting that the final product would be excellent. The bonus was actually enjoying Caleb, his creativity and thoroughness, on top of his sincere, fun interest in us and our story made the whole process enjoyable.
— Tori Reed, adoptive parent
Caleb is a true artist and a great story-teller. He takes all your input and ideas and crafts them into a seamless story that exceeds all expectations. He is extremely creative and yet incredibly collaborative and flexible which is a rare combination. Working with Caleb was a pleasure!
— Justin Spann, Recruitment Director, The Providence Center for Urban Leadership Development
Caleb is a young, emerging videographer and storyteller who has an eye for great videos as well a heart that understands the nature of the story you are trying to tell. He has met all of our deadlines, and we have always been impressed with his work and more than happy with the product he delivers.
— Jason Janz, Executive Director, Upstream Impact

Can I tell your story?

I promise you:

A great experience.

I want you to look back on the whole process of telling your story as a lifegiving one. To start, I’ll do a lot of listening. I can’t tell your story without that. We’ll communicate through the whole creative process and I’ll work to make sure you love the final product.

A great video.

Your video will look good and move your viewers. I have the right equipment and few things are more satisfying to me then a well told story.

A great price.

You get what you pay for right? Not always. Box Office duds prove this. What really matters is Story. And I’m guessing the most expensive camera and lights would not be as important for your story as a good camera, a great storyteller and a budget you can afford. I’ll only charge you for the things that will really make a difference.